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Thermo glass collection is made of special heat-resistant glass that can withstand high temperatures and direct contact with fire. The tea pot can boil water directly on the stove (suitable for gas or electric stove). And also the tea pot is equipped with a filter, which will prevent getting tea leafes from tea pot into the cup.
The advantage of a glass teapot, in addition to brewing tea, is the ability to observe the process of brewing different types of tea, opening tea leaves and tea dance. Glass teapot emphasizes the color of the drink, it is convenient to wash, and also does not absorb odors

Tea pod with natural bamboo lid. The perfectly shaped tea pot is hand crafted of high quality borosilicate brings style and fashion in perfect use to your table.

Thermo Glass Tea Pot

    • 34 fl oz
    • 1000 ml
    • WL‑888821
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