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A classic coffee maker for 10 - 12 cups of drip coffee in an elegant design with modern safety features such as a heat-insulated kettle handle, a non-slip base and overheating protection. Both the water tank and the glass jar have a volume of 1.25l. The coffee maker is also suitable for tea brewing and is very easy to use and maintain. The designer coffee maker for your favourite drip coffee is suited to any interior.

Sencor SCE 3050SS

    • Thermally insulated teapot handle
    • Non-slip base
    • Protection against overheating
    • Removable permanent washable filter
    • Disposable paper filters
    • Non-Stick Hotplate for Maintaining Optimal Serving Temperature
    • Safety valve against dripping
    • Easy cleaning
    • Power cord length 0.8m
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