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Dashing off to work? Running to the gym? If you’re too busy for a leisurely breakfast in the morning, the Mix and Go Steel is the ideal gadget for you. It’s a blender with two portable bottles with lids all in one unit. Whether you love tangy berries, juice or prefer tasty bananas and creamy yogurts, you can mix up a delicious, nutritional smoothie and then just take the unit with you.Compact, personal and so easy to wipe clean, the  sleek stainless steel Mix and Go includes two 600ml bottles. They fit into standard size car cup holders so you can enjoy them on the move. There’s no mess either as you’re making your smoothie in one, easy-to-clean container. Best of all, homemade smoothies are fresher, cheaper and better for you than anything you’ll find in the shops. The Mix and Go Steel also has ice crushing blades for super cold drinks. It can even be used to prepare ingredients for soups/ cocktails/ protein shakes. All you have to do is mix, go and enjoy!

Mix & Go Steel 23470-56

    • Personal blender for quick and easy blending on the go. Perfect for smoothies, protein shakes and any other type of blending
    • Supplied with two dishwasher safe 600ml bottles and lids. Dishwasher safe and BPA free
    • Stainless steel base with 300W motor
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