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ERIDAN 1-bowl granite sink ZQE_N103

    • Properties of Deante granite: resistance to impact, high temperature, discoloration, thermal shock
    • The longest 18-year warranty
    • The sink is equipped with accessories with a dishwasher connection
    • Hydrophobic properties repel water molecules
    • The exceptionally spacious and deep chamber will accommodate even baking trays taken out of the oven
    • Additional milled holes enabling the installation of e.g. a dispenser
    • The equipment is uniformly colored in the mass
    • The Space-saver space-saving siphon facilitates, among others, waste segregation
    • Automatic stopper controlled by the Click button
    • The offer includes a dedicated agent that is safe for cleaned surfaces
    • Granite enriched with silver ions adds antiseptic properties
    • Finish: nero
    • Mounting method : mortise
    • Material : granite
    • Minimum cabinet width [mm] : 700
    • Length [mm] : 700
    • Width [mm] : 520
    • Height [mm] : 210
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