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The kettle by Termomax, has a power of 1350 Watt and a capacity of 1.2 liters. It can provide you with up to 6 cups of hot water. It is a very useful assistant for your kitchen as it heats water in a shorter time compared to a gas stove or a hob. This way, you can quickly make a hot beverage or even use it in your cooking preparations. It comes with a jug made of stainless steel externally, which offers greater durability and resistance to use and time, while also being easy to clean.
It would be useful to periodically carry out descaling, as every device that comes into contact with water tends to accumulate salts.

Electric Kettle Termomax, TK3075, 1.2 l

Color: Silver
    • Power: 1350W
    • Capacity: 1.2lt
    • Colour: Silver
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