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The DOMO DO2431 microwave oven has a capacity of 30 l. The glass plate has a diameter of 31.5 cm. The microwave oven is simple to use thanks to the large rotary controls. You can set the power using the 5 settings, with a maximum of 900 watts. You can set the timer up to 30 minutes. After this time, you will hear a bell signal. You can use the 'defrost'' function to defrost frozen foods quickly in the microwave oven.

DOMO Solo microwave oven - 30 L - 900 W

SKU: DO2431
  • More Information
    Capacity 30 liters
    Glass plate diameter 31,5 cm
    Microwave power (W) 900
    Length 51,90 CM
    Width 44,40 CM
    Height 32,20 CM
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