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The Chalkboard Slow Cooker means that every meal made at home can now be labelled with love. Its matte black finish is an exceptionally unique design that will have you scribbling all over it. If you’re working late or going out for the night, you can leave little loving notes on the side or reminders of the time the scrumptious meal will be ready. Have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are always taken care of, even when you’re not around.

With a family sized 3.5 litre capacity, you can cook 4 generous portions of flavoursome food, without the pot watching or stirring. From succulent meat or vegetarian stews, to spicy curries or chilli’s if you’re looking to heat things up. Slow cooking is the perfect method to get rid of all of the stress of cooking, whilst keeping all of the delicious flavour.

Chalkboard Slow Cooker Russell Hobbs

    • 3.5l capacity for 4 portions
    • 3 heat settings
    • Glass lid
    • Removable black ceramic pot
    • Non-slip feet
    • 2 pieces of chalk
    • 200w
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