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This advanced induction 60 cm hob has four cooking zones. The induction zones have touch controls and each has variable low-to-high power, and a pan detection system. Residual heat indicators warn if the hob is hot, even when the zone is switched off.

The wear-resistant ceramic glass top with smart bevelled edge and touch controls, mean that the hob is very easy to clean.

La Germania 60cm Induction Hob P64IE0N

€929.00 Regular Price
€599.00Sale Price
  • Size:

    60 cm

    Cooking zones:


    Induction zones:


    Worktop type:


    Worktop design:

    ceramic glass bevelled

    Worktop controls:

    touch controls


    Back left:

    (⌀ 180.00 mm) 2.10 kW - 3 kW

    Back right:

    (⌀ 140.00 mm) 1.50 kW - 2 kW

    Front left:

    (⌀ 140.00 mm) 1.50 kW - 2 kW

    Front right:

    (⌀ 180.00 mm) 2.10 kW - 3 kW

    Power levels:


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