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Need a new, comfortable bed for your bedroom? We’re with you! New bedroom beds are better than ever and our bed is the perfect addition to your room. Be flexible with our new bed. Bet on our bed – nothing stands in the way to create a comfortable bed that fits your lifestyle.

It’s no coincidence that the latest trend in interior design is the use of loft-style beds to make your living space feel more open and expansive. And since working with an interior designer can be expensive, we want to show you how to get the same look for much less with your DIY skills!

The best part is that this project requires minimal materials and tools, so it’s as cheap as it gets for such a major makeover.

Buy your bedroom bed now before it’s gone!

bed QS-02 (180)

Color: Oak/black
    • width 190 cm
    • height 95 cm
    • depth 214 cm
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