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Titanium Glasslined Inner Tank Eco EVO Function (saves up to 15% in energy consumption) Smart Display with Temperature Regulation & On/Off Button Electronic Thermostat for high precision temperature regulation ABS Safety Package (Anti-Bacteria/Legionella Function, Anti-Dry System & Auto Diagnostics System) Magnesium Anode of High Dimension 5 Bolt Flange Over Sink Installation 1,500kW Temperature Change of 45° - 1Hr 10min Energy Class: A Eco Evo Function Thanks to the last generation of auto-learning software ECO EVO powered by CoreTech - The new Ariston advanced electronic thermostat, the water heater autonomously manages the water temperature by recording the users' consumption habits in terms of water usage and timing. In this way the Andris Lux Eco guarantees the Maximum Energy Saving with no compromise on comfort.

Ariston 30Lt Electric Water Heater (Over Sink) Andris Lux Eco EU 30/5

€199.00 Regular Price
€189.00Sale Price
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