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The 3.5L Searing Slow Cooker has been cleverly designed to make your life easier. Not only can you come home to a tasty, nutritious pre-prepared meal, but you can even pre-sear the meat in its own searing pan; saving the use of additional pans, grills, mess and hassle.

A slow cooker is perfect for people who want to eat nourishing dinners but may not have the time, or energy to do all the preparation at the end of a busy day. This convenient cooking method also means that your meal will taste great and be packed full of flavour. The gentle cooking action reduces damage to vitamins and retains more of your food's nutrients and flavours.

Whether you're cooking for two, or making a meal for the whole family, the slow cooker's generous 3.5 litre capacity can easily cook up to 4 portions at a time. It even comes with a selection of recipe ideas to give you a little inspiration. The Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker has three simple heat settings; high, low and warm so it's easy to operate. A glass lid lets you view your food while its cooking, and cool touch handles on the main body make it safe to handle. All in all, the versatility of this handy appliance will become an indispensable appliance in any busy family's home.

3.5L Searing Slow Cooker 22740-56

    • 3.5L capacity slow cooker
    • Ideal family size slow cooker, cooks up to 4 portions of food
    • Includes a searing pot that can be removed and used on a gas or electric hob for searing meat
    • Stainless steel housing
    • 3 heat settings, high, low, warm
    • Glass lid to view food whilst cooking
    • Removable pot & lid for easy cleaning
    • Cool touch handles on main body
    • Power indicator light
    • Non slip feet
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