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Made from natural walnut wood. The walnut wood smoke gives your barbecues a sweet and spicy taste. Chip size: 5mm - 1cm.


Smokey Olive Wood smoking chips are made of  selected almond wood . The wood chips guarantee   a sweet and mild almond aroma. This composition is perfect for smoking pork, lamb and game.


The wood chips have been prepared in a handy form of a ready-made aluminum tray , which should be poured with water for about 30 minutes, then drained, cover the tray with a sheet of aluminum foil and prick it to create holes through which the smoke can spread freely. The smoking time is about 25 minutes , which is enough time for the aroma to penetrate most dishes. The trays are perfect for all types of closed grills and smokehouses.


Smoking chips act as a kind of spice in the smoking process. They are recommended for various types of meat . The wood chips penetrate the meat fibers, making it aromatic both outside and inside . The wood chips can be mixed freely, thus composing your own interesting flavors and scents .

Smokey Olive Wood EZ-Smoker Walnut Wood 400 ml

    •  For optimal use, we recommend filling the bowl with water and soaking for 30 minutes. 
    • Drain the water and cover the EZ-Smoker with aluminum foil.
    •  Use a sharp knife to poke holes in the foil cover so that the smoke can escape. 
    •  Place the EZ-Smokers over the hot coals, lava rocks or electric heater of your grill, grill or smoker.
    • When the mixture begins to smoke, place the food on the grill.
    • The EZ-Smoker smokes for 20-30 minutes.
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