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Make a bold statement on your kitchen counter with the Desire Matte Black Food Processor. In a premium matte black, this processor is the perfect combination of stunning style and extraordinary performance. This versatile appliance has an attachment for every need, whether you’re chopping, slicing, beating or even creaming. The perfect sous chef, the Desire Matte Black Food Processor is designed to take care of the more mundane tasks of cooking so you have more time to enjoy the parts you really love. Whether you need to chop up some chunky vegetables for a casserole or you need a little help finely slicing up ingredients to sneak into your little one's spaghetti bolognese – this food processor will bring ease to every meal you make at home.

Desire Matte Black Food Processor Russell Hobbs 24732

  • Total Capacity

    • 2.5 Litres

    Accessories Included

    • 1.5L plastic jug blender
    • Slicing/ shredding disk
    • dough mixing blade
    • creaming disk
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