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TV cabinet with three doors and two recesses . Perfect for larger TVs, both those placed on the tabletop and hung on the wall.

The furniture is distinguished by its original form and unique colors. Dark blue combined with shiny black details creates a distinctive atmosphere and interestingly highlights the 3D effect on the fronts. The modern and loft style of the furniture is accentuated by slim legs and shapely golden handles. It is also worth paying attention to the characteristic rounding of selected edges of the fronts, which give the whole a sophisticated effect.
The TV cabinet is equipped with two deep recesses in which you can conveniently place multimedia equipment. Holes for cable management, located in the back of the furniture, will help keep the entire TV area tidy. Three spacious cabinets with doors are a good place for remote controls, pads, as well as a collection of games or movies.
The furniture is made of durable laminated board, the edges are finished with ABS. The door is equipped with a soft close system.
The TV cabinet is also available in sage color.

CS-05 TV cabinet

Color: Navy Blue
    • Width 200cm
    • Height 50cm
    • Depth 41cm
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