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Andris Lux Eco 15U/5

A high-quality Ariston water heater in a compact solution. The materials used are the secret to the durability of Andris Lux Eco models.
– Energy savings up to 15%
– Safety and Anti-Bacterial Features
– External Temperature Control (Precise Settings)
– Titanium Enamelled Tank
– Polyurethane Foam Insulation
– Under Sink Installation

Ariston 15Lt Water Heater

€175.00 Regular Price
€169.00Sale Price
  • Brand: Ariston
    Water Heater Type: Electric
    Tank Capacity: 15Lt
    Energy Label: A
    Inner Tank Protection: Titanium Enamelled
    Magnesium Anode: Oversized
    Flange: 4 Bolts
    Temperature Regulation: Precise Temperature Control (LED Display)
    Water Plus Technology: No
    ECO Evo Function: Yes
    Shower Ready Function: No
    MAX Function: No
    Absolute Safety System: Anti-Bacteria/Legionella, Anti-Freezing, Auto Diagnostics System, Dry-Heating Auto Diagnosis
    Programming Function: No
    Installation Positioning: Under Sink
    Insulation Material: Ecological Polyurethane
    Power: 1,200W
    Temperature Change (45°): 0Hr 44Min
    Maximum Temperature: 80°
    Maximum Working Pressure: 8 Bar

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